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1:40 PM on July 20, 2011 

This is a cool site. I have only found one other site that is this awesome. but it is still under construction, hopefully they will be done soon with it. It is just for bus drivers.


7:22 PM on August 28, 2010 

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3:52 PM on August 23, 2010 

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9:40 AM on July 12, 2010 

Hello Everyone, I am not completely new to the website but I thought at present was as good as time as any to say hey, so.. well good day :)


12:17 PM on June 23, 2010

Welcome back Warren, we hardly had a chance to miss you!!


3:45 PM on June 3, 2010

Congratulations HoJo and Roxann!!


7:06 PM on May 23, 2010

I guess we will find out by which monitor is not at work on Monday!!

Bus Monitor

1:23 PM on May 23, 2010 

One of the Star and Strand bus monitors went to The Turning Stone Casino this weekend, and won a jackpot for $8,870.00. Guess Who.

Burton Morales

7:46 PM on February 19, 2010 

You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

Rabit Cages

8:52 PM on January 20, 2010 

Your site keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Josie Watters

11:44 AM on December 10, 2009 

Hello Everyone!

Finally figured out how to get to this website. Love the "Theme Music" Coming to America. Scott and Warren are you sure you want to know everything about me????

It will be a long chapter book, followed by a series of sequels.:lol:

Only call me Josephine, when I have done something wrong. Since there is already a Josie for a busdriver, you can call me "JW"

Sheila W 

8:25 PM on November 29, 2009

Hi Everybody, Hope all had a great thanksgiving. I am enjoying all the beautiful weather out here in sunny California. We had a beautiful thanksgiving with all of my family. We had a total of 28 people for dinner. See all of you when i get back home, and please no snow. I didn't get my wish list present from Jay yet, Have a great week, Sheila


5:14 PM on November 12, 2009

well hello star and strand just wanted to stop by and say what's crackin? :cool: i had a ball wednesday everything was really lovely!


11:00 PM on November 9, 2009 

prayers going out to June Glass, and hope Roxann had as much fun at her party as my mother and i did.


6:21 PM on November 6, 2009

Josie R. says...

I like this site. I am going to enjoy this site. good job.

i bet you are!! lol me too!


6:19 PM on November 6, 2009

well i know yall two don't know me but i want to wish you two have a great life together may God bless!:D


7:43 PM on November 4, 2009 

Sheila, We are both very happy that you shared our special day. We are glad that you enjoyed the wedding...........we can do it a year from today.................the Visa bill should almost be paid off by

Scott and Rox

Sheila Williams

9:19 PM on October 11, 2009 

Scott & Roxann, I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me share your wedding day with you. It was one of the nices weddings i have been to. The Rabbi made my day. He was the greatest person to listen to and made everybody feel so welcome. Let's say you two do this all over a year from today and we can have a great time all over. Again Thank You Both, It was a great time. Luv and Happiness to both of you, Sheila


9:45 AM on September 19, 2009 

Hi everyone it's the 2nd weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing good

Sheila Williams

7:09 PM on August 9, 2009 

Well John it sure was great news that you decided not to leave us. Good mechanics are hard to find, and we have the best. Just wanted you to know i will be around for a few more years( I HOPE) to come to the garage if i need help. Welcome Back, Sheila

Tina M. Rehm

1:34 PM on July 29, 2009 

By the way Scott nice job on the internet too I really enjoy it. Where is our refresher class being held at this year?


8:09 PM on July 17, 2009 

Star & Strand won't be the same with out you John. When i got the phone call tonight i couldn't believe what i was told.We have worked together for 25 years and i wish you nothing but the best. All the luck in the world to you John. If i ever had a problem or needed something you were there for the company and to help out.Good Luck, Sheila Williams


9:42 PM on June 24, 2009

:) Hope everybody has a great summer i know i will even though i will be working:tongue:

sharon kennedy

9:50 PM on June 21, 2009 

hi,i got a chance to hear my song .i love the web site


11:05 AM on June 18, 2009 

:Dgreat job on this site..


11:42 PM on June 12, 2009 

hi great web site very well done nice to be able to visit with our frinds.

Stephanie Rhoad

9:41 PM on June 12, 2009 

Nice job on the web page :cool: Thanks for taking the time to do this. Stephanie 

Lynne Coblish

10:45 AM on June 11, 2009

Nice web site Scott .It will be nice to keep up on things in the summer when I'm not working.


10:23 AM on June 11, 2009 



8:03 PM on June 8, 2009 

NICE JOB!!!!!!


7:06 PM on June 8, 2009 

love this web site , please keep up the good work

Star and Strand

10:28 PM on June 6, 2009 

we thank everyone for thier kind comments about our website. We hope you check in often and enjoy the site.

Star and Strand


12:55 PM on June 3, 2009

very cool job you did scott, i enjoy it very much


12:47 PM on June 3, 2009 

I love recipes

Michael Rivera

9:59 AM on June 3, 2009 

Good job. I like this web site


8:48 PM on June 1, 2009 

Great site-Very navigable!

John J Evers

5:14 PM on June 1, 2009 

Hey this is nice. it certainly will keep me busy for a while.


9:55 AM on June 1, 2009 

The next Road-eo i'll hit the judge to make it perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! But had a great time.

annie b

9:25 PM on May 31, 2009 


Zoe Jones

9:05 PM on May 31, 2009 

We had an awesome day at the road-eo, great weather, great company and great fun! We also passed these two people in a convertable on our way home and the passenger gave us the bird twice, one from each hand!!! How rude!! But we blew them away on the Northway!!!!!!!!!!


9:01 PM on May 31, 2009 

This is the best thing you ever thought of who told you


8:50 PM on May 31, 2009 

Awesome site

Faye Ripley

4:25 PM on May 31, 2009 

Hey, Scooter. very nice here. But, you have always had a good sense of humor , so that this page willl be very good. former Folomsbee driver faye


12:29 PM on May 30, 2009 

i really like the web site . keep up the good work


10:57 AM on May 29, 2009 


Josie R.

10:25 AM on May 29, 2009 

I like this site. I am going to enjoy this site. good job.

Sheila W

10:21 AM on May 29, 2009 

What a great job you did. Everybody should enjoy this site.

Nancy K

10:10 PM on May 28, 2009 

Great site. I am not surprised....greatness runs in the family cuz

marilyn & kim

6:26 PM on May 28, 2009 

so do you have school bus underwear scott???? hahahahaha

melodie wetsel

11:41 AM on May 28, 2009 

peace!!! this looks awesome; I guess Roxann really keeps u on ur toes. remember- behind every good man there is a better woman! teehee

Melissa Banaszewski

9:53 AM on May 28, 2009 

Nice job on the site. Looks great.


9:22 AM on May 28, 2009 

Great start on website, Scott. Hope you know there will be no updating when you are on vacation!!!!

Ann Evans

6:18 AM on May 28, 2009 

Looks like this will be a very nice site.Good luck Starandstrand and the one responsible for the site

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