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                                EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH PAGE

2015-2017 Employees of the Month

April 2017

Team: Sub Drivers - Joe Hanna and John Spall

Driver: Van #111 driver Debbie Stocklas

Monitor: Bus #52 monitor Debbie Dockery


March 2017

Team: Bus #40 - Laurie Bankston and Ida Curet

Driver: Van #3 - Gemma Erby

Monitor - Bus #14 - Barbara Stenhouse


February 2017

Team: Bus #45 - Robin Nichols and Mary Fero

Driver: Bus 47 - Wendy Paquin Gladd

Monitor: Bus #76 - Denise Rossetti



Team: Bus #96 - Linda Emery and Jean Corbitt

Driver: Bus #81 - Joyce Goyette

Monitor: Bus 14 - Jennifer Ashley


December 2016

Team: Bus #46 -Joe Barrett and Georgeanna Bentley

Driver: Bus #36 - Kathy Shumway

Monitor: Bus #2 - Brenda Primeau


November 2016

Team: Bus #34 - Mark Gapp amd Jim Bush

Driver: Bus #98 - Frank Post Dooris

Monitor; Bus # 106 - Rachelle Stocklas


October 2016

Team: Bus # 82 - Dwight Chasten and Nicole Yando

Driver: Bus #18 - Barbara Hall

Driver: Bus # 53 - Marie Otwori

Monitor: Bus # 48 - Dallas Schmideshoff

Monitor: Bus # 95 - Jennifer Blake


September 2016

Team: Bus # 84 Pat Powers and Joan Ciccarelli

Driver: Bus # 54 - Lisa Deerfield

Driver: Bus # 3 - Gemma Erby

Monitor: Bus # 47 - Dave Furman

Monitor: Bus #46 - Georgeanna Bentley



Team:  Bus #81 - Joyce Goyette and Danita Schultz

Driver: Bus #111 - Dwight Chsten

Monitor: Bus 46 - Georgeanna Bentley


May 2016

Team: Bus #33 - Sandy Peckham and Mary Fero

Driver: Bus #32 - Charles DeMarco

Monitor: Sub - Marta LaFluer


April 2016

Team; Bus #006 - Jackie Krauforst and Rachel Stocklas

Driver: Bus # 087 - Takhilah Gardner

Monitor: Bus #016 - Annie Rawls 


March 2016

Team: Bus #71 - Angela Hillebradt and Trisha Ross

Driver: Bus #75 - Marie Otwori

Monitor: bus #102 - Paul Sherry


February 2016

Team: Bus #1 - Tracy Murley and Kathy Gilbert 

Driver: Bus #47 - Wendy Paquin Gladd

Monitor - Bus #83 - Jessica Owens


January 2016

Team: Bus #17 - Carol Boisclair and Robin Sousis

Team: Bus #73 - Tammy Lyman and Jean Salway

Driver: Bus #106 - Dwight Chasten

Driver: Bus #93 - Linda Lussier

Monitor: Bus #84 - Joan Ciccarelli

Monitor: Bus # 78 - Jean Corbitt


December 2015

Team: Bus #85 - Sharon Bennett and Carol Kamburelis

Bus Driver - John Godson

Monitor: Bus #41 - Alyssa Condon 


November 2015

Team: Bus #89 - Rubbie Weeks and Malcolm Weeks

Driver: Bus # 41 - Bill Bowles

Monitor: Bus #36 - Erin Robinson 


October 2015

Team: Bus #15 - Sharon Bennett and Carol Kamburelis

Driver: Bus #37 - Trish Sowolsky 

Monitor: Bus #36 - Erin Robinson


September 2015

Team: Bus #90 and Bus #77:  Holly Gigliotti, LaVern LaWare,

                                                 Amy Fayoumi and Tina Benvenuti


2014-2015 Employees of the Year

Driver:  Bus #35: Sharon Kennedy

Monitor: Bus #76: Kim Bastian

Team: Office: Claudia Brown and Chris Beaudoin

Team: Bus #27: Sheila Williams and Linda Lussier


2014-2015 Employee of the month

Summer 2015

Driver: Bus #77 - Amy Fayoumi

Monitor: Bus #79 - Kim Bastian 

Team: Bus # 37 - Mike Bastian and Chris Bastian


June 2015

Driver:  Bus #86 - Pat Coons

Monitor: Bus #20 - Malcolm Weeks

Team: Bus #73 - Joe Barrett and Georgeanna Bentley 


May 2015

Driver: Bus #41- Bill Bowles

Monitor: Bus #87 - Nicole Yando

Team: Bus #89 -  Gary Abreu, Jim Bush, Nick Retos Sr.


April 2015

Driver: Bus #115 - John Spall

Monitor: Bus 14 - Kerrie Rehonis

Team: Office - Claudia Brown and Kris Beaudoin


March 2015

Driver: Bus #25 - Debbie Stocklas

Monitor: Bus #24 - Mary Donavan

Team: Bus # 06- Jackie krauforst and Ray Dockery


February 2015

Driver: Bus #48 - Billy Jo Lavelle

Monitor: Bus #81 - Danita Schultz

Team: Bus #10 - Laurie Bankston and Chemire Jones


January 2015

Driver: Bus #95 - Jean Goyette

Monitor: Bus #70 - Kathy Retos

Team: Bus #79 - Marilyn Muckle and Katelyn Bastian


December 2014

Driver: bus #47 - Jillian Miller

Monitor: bus #111 - Rebecca Condon

Team: Linda Emery, Shawn Emery 


November 2014

Driver: bus # 34 - Annie Becker

Monitor: bus #77 - Elissa Welch

Team: bus #27 -  Sheila Williams and Linda Lussier


October 2014

Driver: bus #116 - Michael Rivera

Monitor: bus #28 - Debbie Dockery

Team: bus #9 - Paul Kissinger and Denise Rossitti


September 2014 

Driver: bus #111 - Sharon Kennedy

Monitor: bus #113 - Christina Ayotte

Team: bus #93 - Gail Grant and Kabeerah Fardan


2013-2014 Employees of the Year

Driver: bus #46 - Chris Beaudoin

Monitor: bus # 8 - John Searles

Team: bus #16 - JoElla Tucker & Annie Rawls


2013-2014 Employee's of the Month

Summer 2014

Team:  Bus #109 - Gloria Falls, Nick Retos 

Driver: Bus #77 - Charleen Bushy

Monitor: Bus # 90 - Lavern Laware


June 2014

Team: Bus #43 - Mert Oswald and Rachell Hamlett

Driver: Bus #46 - Chris Beaudoin

Monitor: - Bus #110 - Jean Salway


May 2014

Team: Bus #40 - Mike Mowry and Christine O'Brian

Driver: Bus #81 - Bernie Garcia 

Monitor: Bus #90 - Lavern Laware


April 2014

Team: Bus #1 - Stacy Blake and Cathy Gilbert

Driver: Bus #23 - Kathy Gibson

Monitor: Bus #42 - Linda Lussier


March 2014 

Team: Trish Fernett and Nicole Yando

Driver: Sue Ryan

Monitor: Tara Abraham 


February, 2014

Driver: Michele Huestis

Monitor: Connie Roulier

Team: Sandy Bastian and Jean Salway


January, 2014

Driver: Kathy Shumway

Monitor: Chris Bastian

Team: JoElla Tucker and Annie Rawls


December, 2013

Driver: Sharon Kennedy

Monitor: John Searles

Team: Joyce Goyette and Danita Schultz


November 2013

Driver: Donata Gervasio

Monitor: Venessa Perkins

Team: Jim Simpson and Amanda Ash 


October 2013

Driver: John Spall

Monitor:   Jim Hayden 

Team:  Guy LaSalva and Winnie Domey 


September 2013

Team: Dave Bastian, Claudia Brown, Meagan Banker

Driver: Sandy Rennie

Monitor: Nick Retos Jr.


2012-2013 Employee's of the year

Drivers of the year :  Holly Gigliotti and Kim Hagen

Monitor of the year: Althea Watson

Team of the year:  Roxann Thorner and Teri Wiesenforth


2012-2013 Employee's of Month

May, 2013

Drivers:  Holly Gigliotti, Nick Retos

Monitors: Althea Watson, Fred Nichols


April 2013

Drivers:  Donata Gervasio, AnnieBecker 

Monitors:  Ron Galligan, Jim Bush


March, 2013

Drivers:  Joe Hanna, Dave Kent

Monitors: Elissa Welch, John Randolph 


February, 2013

Drivers: Ryan Bastian, Roxann Thorner

Monitors: Winnie Domey, Bernadette Crandall 


January, 2013

Drivers:  Kim Hagen, Angela Hillebradt

Monitors:  Nick Retos Jr., Mary Dinardo 


December, 2012

Drivers: Josie Romero, Mike Bastian

Monitors: Alice Sweener, JoAnn Blanchard 


November 2012

Mechanics - "Little" John, "Big" John", Meagan Banker, Lynn Waters 


October 2012

Drivers: Betty Ayotte, Sharon Kennedy

Monitors: Jenn Smith, Donna Prespare


September 2012

Drivers: Mike Mowry and Joyce Goyette

Monitors: Melissa Pointer, Sue Bielawa


2011-2012 Employees of the year

Chris Beaudoin - Driver of the year

Rachel Hamlett - Monitor of the year

Zoe Jones and John Searles - Team of the year 


2011-2012 Employee's of the Month

May 2012

Drivers:  Sheila Castle and Janis Gray

Monitors:  Mary Fero and Yassi Gutierrez 


April 2012

Drivers: Wendy Paquin Gladd and Jason Watington

Monitors: Jakara Martin and Jennifer Smith


 March 2012

Drivers:  Edwin Santiago and Robert Seeley

Monitors:  Patricia Lewis and Bernadette Crandall 


February 2012

Drivers:  Marilyn Muckle and Dana Williams

Monitors:  Renee Coghill and Amanda Ash 


January 2012

Drivers:     Josh Dinardo and Jan Thomas

Monitors: Michelle Riddle and Maria Santiago  


December 2011

Drivers:  Bill Cox and Sandy Sawyer

Monitors: Howard Webb and Jennifer Ashley


November 2011

Drivers:  Mike Rivera and Christine Willis

Monitors:  Aixa Rivera and Sue Bielawa 


October 2011

Drivers:  Tom Lavigne and Stephanie Leslie

Monitors: Jean Curtis and Leola Lavoie


September 2011

Drivers: Sheila Williams and Carol Boisclair

Monitors: Chemiere Jones and Patricia Pabon



Employee's of the year      2010-2011

Driver of the year:   JoElla Tucker

Monitor of the year: Robin Sousis

Team of the year:  Sandy Peckham and Mary Bryant


2010-2011 Employee's of the month

See employee of the month photos in the Photo Gallery. 

October - Bus # 41 driver Chris, bus #7 driver "T-Boy", bus #8 monitor John S., bus #74 monitor Mark K

November - Bus #42 driver J.C., bus #10 driver John E.

December - Bus # 96 driver Joella, bus #15 driver Tina, bus #37 monitor, Robin, bus #81 monitor Judy

January - Bus #85 driver Josie, bus #43 driver Muriel, bus #44 monitor Denise, bus #15 monitor James

February - Bus #93 driver Sandy, bus #20 driver Kristen, bus #38 monitor Diane, bus #43 monitor Rachel

March - Bus #8 driver Zoe, bus #73 driver Jenny, bus #5 monitor Connie, bus #107 monitor Terri

April - bus #29 driver Colleen, Bus #5 driver Dave, bus #29 monitor Tara, bus # 95 monitor Debbie

May -bus #85 driver Trish, bus #104 driver Beth, bus #109 monitor Jennifer F., bus #17 monitor Jennifer A.




Employee Appreciation letter from - June 2010


I wanted to write to tell you how much I have appreciated having David and Connie (#45) as my daughter's drivers this year.  David's patient yet consistent discipline has helped my daughter to stay on track behavior wise.  He manages to strike the perfect balance, gaining her compliance without triggering oppositional defiant behavior.  Connie is always ready to ease my daughter onto the bus with a distraction, joke, or conversation topic.  Her empathy makes a very difficult transition far easier.  I couldn't let the year pass without informing people just how great a team we had.



                                                                                                                Jennifer Illenberg


Employee Appreciation Letters

 BELOW IS A LETTER WE RECEIVED FROM ONE OF THE PARENTS OF THE STUDENTS WE TRANSPORT.  We have deleted the name of the student and parent due to privacy!!! 

Dawn Hull is the driver and Donna Maloney is the monitor on this bus!! 

 July 27, 2009

Stars & Strand Bus Company

415 Fulton Street Troy, NY 12180

Re: Thank You

Hello again, I'm Xxxxx, Xxxxxx's mom. I just wanted to personally thank you all for the wonderful service that you've all shown us through out the year. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that I have caused in some cases as far as where Xxxxxx will be going after school.

Normally, I drop her off in the morning at my sister's house so that she and my nephew can ride the bus together to school and so that Dawn would make it one less trip. Also, the purpose of this is that when Dawn comes, I can make it to work on time before dropping my grandson off to daycare in the morning.

This afternoon, my sister, Xxxx Xxx was not at home to get my daughter off of the bus. The good thing was that my daughter was home to get her for me so that I can stay al work and work my normal working hours. Believe me, I do not mind leaving work early when/if I have to, but I have been taking off so much time, but my daughter is more important to me than any job. When/if I have a chance to stay at work, I take it so that when/if there is a serious emergency such as Xxxxxx not having school, I will have time on my card to accommodate my not coming in for the day/week/month.

Anyway, once again, I sincerely thank you all for the wonderful service that you provide for us, and I am so sorry that occasionally I have to make these calls to you with a change. I really have to worry about my daughter's safety first you know.

I am sending you a little "treat" and I hope that you all enjoy it!!!




Xxxxxx Xxxx





NOTE FROM ONE OF Bus #26, driver Roxann’s Students:

June 20, 2009

'You have been a really great Bus driver. You have done a

lot for me. Thank you for trusting me with Ayden. I hope you that you keep getting better and that the treatment for your cancer works. I hope you recover quickly. I will say prayers for you all the time. 'You have been so nice to off of us who ride the Bus. Thank you for watching over me when Xxx was Being a Bully. I could always count on you to help me when I needed it. You are the nicest, greatest, Bus drivers ever. I will miss you soooo much! I hope I can see you again and that we can keep in touch. Have a great summer.